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Monday: by appointment
thue - Thurs:  10.30 - 16.00

Friday:  by appointment
Saturday: 11.00 - 16.00
Sunday:  closed

But if the door is open you are always welcome to come in and talk to us, we usually work outside these hours!!



A  deposit of 500NOK or 1000NOK is required to reserve an appointment. This is deducted from the final cost of the tattoo (in multiple sitting tattoos it will be deducted from the cost of the final sitting). 


The deposits are refundable if you give a notice no later than 48 hours before your appointment. With bigger projects the deposits are non refundable if I have started the drawing prosess.

 All booking goes through 


Be aware--

You will receive this auto reply on mail!

You can be prepared, read it now and add all the necessary information right here right now:)


Please read through and see if all this information is already added in your first email.
If not please resend the missing information in the same thread as your first sent mail, that means you do NOT answer THIS email, but you continue on the FIRST mail you sent .
All this is to cut down on any unessesary mail consultation time.

Please send me your thoughts on what you`d like to get tattooed.

Approximately size,
colour or black and gray,
Style preferences,
budget (if you have one),
Left or right side on body.
- add any photos of inspiration or placement if needed-
Tell me if it is a covertattoo or other tattoos close to the area I
have to consider while designing.

And you can also send me a photo of
the placement on your body(preferably a good photo with no angles and that shows of the area easy understandable)
When you would like to set up an appointment? Any times, dates or weekdays that are better for you than others maybe? Also leave your name and phonenumber.

Shop opening hours are
monday-thursday 1100-1700.
Friday only after appointment (so you can freely ask for appointments
any friday aswell)
Saturday 1100-1600(most popular day to get tattooed so usually two to four months booking ahead)

I like to start my appointments at 1000 or latest 1100. I try to end my days at latest 1700 so please don’t ask for later appointments than 1600.
Thank you so so much for reading thru and considering all this boring, but necessary information!

I answer emails as soon as possible, atleast every monday! So I will answer you every week and sometimes quicker if I can.
If you have a bigger appointment that needs more preparation and Im not able to book you in the closest month or two.. remember that I have not forgotten you, I will answer you<3

You can write your mail in Norwegian if you want!

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